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6 Ways to Shop Local AND Avoid Clutter This Season

Do you remember what holiday gifts you received last year? Think hard. Unless it was an experience or a big ticket item, odds are you can't. Most gifts we receive (and give!) tend to be forgotten and/or unused. And you could probably predict I would add that most items therefore just end up as clutter. Unopened. Unused. Forgotten. And likely taking up space at the top of a closet somewhere.

Looking to buck that trend? Here are some suggestions.

We are lucky to have some talented people in our community who have products that are either intangible or consumable, while also being indulgent and thoughtful. I hope you'll take advantage as a gift for someone on your list or for yourself! And while these are all local to me (Orange and Bethany, CT), the products can be shipped and the support sessions can all be done virtually too.


Wildwood Granola: Tammy started this business from her kitchen. I went to her first farmer's up the road at Buttermilk Farm, and now she is at markets seemingly every day, rents commercial kitchen space and is now set up for shipping! My favorite flavor is Coffee Coffee Coffee and if you're local, you can pick up from her front door. Check out Wildwood Granola.

Arbonne: Abby loves loves loves what she does. She promotes better health and wellness, and self-care through the products that she believes in and stands by 100%. Along the same theme as the prior idea, one of my must-have items is Arbonne's coffee flavor meal replacement protein shake. I love my morning coffee smoothies. I also drink their "fizzies" and use a few skin care products. Want to grab something for yourself or as a gift? Reach out to Abby here.

Sunflower Farm: If you've been here, you know. They sell delicious jams, jellies, salad dressings, flavored honey, soaps, and so much more. Stop by for that authentic small town feeling, and leave with a consumable gift that anyone will appreciate. Visit them here.


Flourish Family Support: Remember the "Terrible Twos?" If you, or someone you know, has a little one and needs guidance on mood regulation and help with tantrums and other behavioral conundrums, Leah Kragh is your woman! Treat yourself - or someone who needs it - to a one-to-one session, where she'll teach you all about understanding emotional and sensory regulation and give you personalized tips so you can not just be an excellent parent, but also so you don't lose your mind! Learn more here.

The Calm Solution: If you need help managing your stress, Jill is the woman to help you. With her one-on-one stress management and self-care coaching sessions, and her very calming personality, this certified Professional Life Coach and Self-Care Coach lives in Orange and can help you become more resilient, calm, confident and balanced. Learn more about Jill here.

Clutter Kicker: That's right, grab a gift card on my website for yourself or for someone who is ready to kick their clutter and get organized. To my current or previous clients: this is a great gift to request to help you continue on your decluttering journey or be treated to a refresh/maintenance session. To those of you on the fence: put this on your list if you can't stand the thought of one more unneeded item entering your home. And if you don't live locally, I'm happy to help you find someone where you live! Learn more at

Buck the trend. Shop thoughtfully and locally. Be kind to others and to yourself. Happy Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa! And if you do receive something this holiday season that you don't really like or plan to have my permission to return or donate it. Your sanity is worth it!

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