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Organizing Digital Photos

How I'm celebrating Save Your Photos Month

Does organizing your digital photos overwhelm you?

Confession that photo organizing is not my strong suit. Back when I had a real camera, I was on top of regularly downloading the photos to an external hard drive and organizing and naming files for easy access.

Once my phone became my camera, and I started taking client photos that are now mixed with personal photos, I’m not as proud of where I now find myself.

Since September is Save Your Photos Month, I thought we might learn together. Starting with the basics, here’s what I’m doing to get my digital photos organized. Want to join me?

--> I’m going to spend 20 minutes (I’ve set a calendar reminder) going a bit crazy with the delete button to start the process.

--> I’ve been inspired by to set a photo organizing routine. Monthly, I will set a reminder to review photos from the previous month to collect, purge, organize and back up.

--> I already have a few albums set up in my photos app, but will be creating albums for everything related to Clutter Kicker so that I can easily find client and product photos.

--> I’m going to sign up for two FREE classes being offered by in honor of Save Your Photos Month, one for myself and one to help my clients. I’ve chosen “Three Simple Things You Can Do Today to Organize Your Digital Photos” to learn basic tips for my own photo back-up needs and “Making Sense of Old Family Photographs” to learn how to help clients who have tons of photos and are struggling with children who don’t want them.

Good luck with your digital photo organizing. And if you have any photo organizing tips to share, I would love to hear from you! (We'll tackle printed photographs another time.)

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