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Lauren Hass, Professional Organizer

About Me

I love to declutter and organize. Over 15 years of working from home as a nonprofit professional, running a household, raising three children, exercising, planning events, and volunteering, I found that staying organized and keeping my physical space decluttered and organized was critical. Outer clutter affects inner calm and I love helping clients get their spaces in order so they can be more productive, enjoying their space and allowing them to focus on everything else that needs to get done. 

I started Clutter Kicker to help others achieve the organized space of their dreams, knowing that physical order leads to happiness. And I would be honored to help you feel more at peace in your space and more in control over your surroundings. 

As a member of NAPO, I have undergone several hours of training, have access to colleagues and best practices from around the country, and I am bound by a strict code of ethics. To demonstrate my commitment to professional development and to my clients, in Summer2022, I earned a Specialist Certificate in Residential Organization, further deepening my knowledge in this particular area. 

How can I help you? Here are just some of the ways:

  • Wish the car fit in the garage? 

  • Can't get around to tackling those piles?

  • Has your clutter taken over and you don't know where to begin?

  • Playroom a mess and your kids never put anything away?

  • Shopping for multiples because you don't know what you already have?

  • Not sure that sweater from years ago really needs to stay in your closet, but can't seem to part with it?

  • Can't find an important piece of paper on your cluttered desk?

  • Can't even find your desk? 

I can help get you on track. I can't wait to meet you and get started!

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