From the Newly Organized

Just a quick note to let you know that these closets are revolutionary! I feel like I live in a luxe hotel now. Cannot believe the transformation. One of the best house investments so far and by far! Thank you.

Jeff L., Woodbridge, CT | Multiple closets

Lauren was amazing! She is quick to get started and before you know it - your space becomes better than you thought possible. It is very apparent you love what you do - that translates to a seamless and smooth process. You motivated me to start on my bedroom - which is a huge step for me! Can't wait to continue!

Tracy M., Ridgefield, CT | Garage, Kitchen, Family Room, Closets

I am unbelievably impressed with how inspiring Lauren is in her methodology and presentation. She makes organization sound so easy and really encouraged me to accomplish what I have been promising myself to do for years! She presents her suggestions in a non judgmental and pragmatic manner and gives you the impetus to start something that suddenly doesn't seem insurmountable! Thank you Lauren for your great advice and encouragement.

Sue F., Greenwich, CT | Webinar Participant

Lauren is a decluttering force to be reckoned with! She helped motivate me to declutter my home office, which felt like an overwhelming mess. Together we structured a system that would help the whole family organize and track documents easier. She was so helpful, patient and full of helpful ideas to make life a bit easier to manage. She even suggested great apps to utilize for day to day convenience! She worked with me until the home office was done and tidy. I highly recommend Lauren's services to anyone needing a motivational kickstart to declutter and organize any space in their life that needs attention. It was a cathartic experience throwing away paper that I didn't need and getting rid of things that had no purpose. Working with Lauren has made me stay organized and above all, living with less chaos!

Becky M., North Haven, CT | Home Office

I am beside myself with joy! I can't tell you how GREAT it feels to have this project complete!!! Thank you so much to Lauren Hass of Clutter Kicker for doing such an awesome job with what seemed like an impossible task! My basement is clean!!! 👏👏👏👏 I can't recommend her enough!!!

Abby S., Bethany, CT | Basement Storage

Lauren was such a great help in getting my office organized.  In no time at all, we made all of the “miscellaneous” piles disappear and her tips on time management and organization will help me keep it this way.  I’m thrilled and my stress level has dropped dramatically.  I think Lauren would be a great help to any business and I can’t wait to get help for my home next.

Jeffrey K., Norwalk, CT | Professional Office

I cannot thank you enough for helping me declutter. We were inspired and I cleaned out the coat closet today and my husband went through lots of folders in the filing cabinet.

 -Jessica K., Newton, MA

  Children's playroom

After you left, we continued to declutter. I call it "The Lauren Effect.

 - Adina L., Brooklyn, NY


I didn't know how to tackle those piles and Lauren's direction, tips and support made it possible. I love the results!

- Anne K., New Haven, CT

  Living room/playroom

That was amazing.  I can't believe how much we accomplished!  

- Bruce D., New Haven, CT

  Closets and bedrooms

"I can’t believe this is my closet!  I’m ecstatic! Thanks, Lauren.”

- Sue M., Woodbridge, CT

  Master walk-in closet

...and many more!

Organized Cubicles

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