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Closet cleanup | Garage decluttering | Getting ready to put your home on the market | Prepping for a transition: marriage, baby
Too much stuff and not sure where to start | Embarrassed to have guests over 
Downsizing | Divorce | Stress-relief | Remodel | Home improvement | Maximizing space

Folding Clothes

One or Multiple Spaces

  • Choose an area (or areas) of your home in need of decluttering.

  • Lauren will work with you to eliminate unneeded items and organize what you choose to keep in a way that works for YOU.

  • Maintenance challenges addressed, so you have the tools to keep up your new system(s).

  • “Schlep away” service offered for donating items to Goodwill or other.

  • Efforts made to donate, recycle, or repurpose whenever possible.


Virtual Organizing

Are you the DIY type? Did you know you can be just as productive at decluttering and organizing with a virtual organizing session? It's similar to traditional organizing, only instead of meeting in person, we will meet and work together remotely. If you're a do-it-yourself kind of person, and are cognizant of restrictions on in-person work, this is a great option for you. Want to try it out? Contact me to learn more.

Gold & Silver Buying

Collectibles Advising

It is amazing how many homes I help declutter in which I find treasures that clients no longer want. Or they have items they think may be worth something but are unsure of what to do next. As a Collectibles Advisor and Founding Member of The Keys Guild,* I have access to specialized resources and a variety of experts and auction houses to make sure you get the best price for the treasures you choose to sell. And the best part is that I only help you if I know I can get you a better price than you can get on your own! Such items can include jewelry, coins, art, and other collectibles.

*The Keys Guild is a mastermind group of trained Professional Organizers from around the country. Please note that this is not an appraisal service.

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Home Listing

  • Choose multiple areas of your home to prepare to sell your home

  • Lauren will work with you to declutter, organize, and de-personalize your space to appeal to a potential buyer 

  • “Schlep away” service of items to be donated and/or coordination of dumpster for bulk trash removal

  • Efforts made to donate, recycle, or repurpose whenever possible

  • Reference available for local home stager, mover, realtor.

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*Are your habits causing you to be unhealthy?

*Does your living space feel like it’s been taken over by stuff?

If you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or need some accountability and support to make a change of some me to learn more about joining our next UNSTUCK cohort!

Programs are co-facilitated by me and Holistic Health Coach Cindy Kane of Maven of Moderation, and consist of small groups that meet for either four online one-hour sessions or three in-person one-hour sessions. Check the registration button for current offerings. 

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