Before and After Clutter Kicker

Rest assured that no matter your "before," we will get you to a happily ever "after!"
Here are a few samples of our work.

Dining Room
Woodbridge, CT

Have you wanted to actually eat in your dining room, but that's just not been possible? We cleared the table and the floor, made a ton of donations, relocated some items to the kitchen, and better utilized the cabinets already in the space.

dining room before and after photo inset

Family Room
Woodbridge, CT

In this client's case, the "stuff" just accumulated and she didn't know where to start. So we started at the beginning and worked our way through to the end, donating and recycling and trashing a ton, and better utilizing cabinets and shelves.

Guest Bedroom 
East Haven, CT

This guest room wasn't used regularly, so became a catchall and dumping ground for everything "home-less."  Most items belonged elsewhere, could fit nicely in drawers, or were ready to donate.  And now the room is ready for guests!

attic before and after photo inset.png

Hamden, CT

The client's mother had passed a few years prior and all of her belongings had been stored in his attic. He was also getting ready to list his home. Over a few hot summer days, we were able to sort through items, many of which were sentimental. We helped the client make difficult decisions to get his home cleaned up so it could be staged and sold.


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