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Are You Worth The Investment?

I recently attended the Annual NAPO Summit in Long Beach, California with over 300 professional organizers and productivity consultants from around the country and the world. Why did I spend the money on registration, airfare, hotel and incidentals? Why did I take time away from my family and my business? Because I think it's important to invest in myself. The idea of making myself better at what I do -- with education, skills training and networking -- is exciting and satisfying, challenging and fun.

This got me thinking about the parallel between my decision to attend a national conference, and my clients' decision to hire a professional organizer.

When I receive inquiries from potential clients, and they decide to move forward and hire Clutter Kicker to help them declutter and organize their space, they are improving their surroundings, which in turn betters their mental health. They are doing the same thing as I am...investing in themselves.

Most of us are very good at investing in others -- piano lessons for the kids, guidance and advice to someone who is less experienced than you professionally, introductions to people who may benefit from networking with one another, time spent with a friend who needs help, or volunteering with charitable activities.

Jill Pomes, of The Calm Solution, stresses the positive outcomes that come from investing in yourself. "Having a goal or dream and following through to reach it will help build your confidence and increase your sense of feeling proud and powerful, worthiness that will carry through into all aspects of your life."

When you go to the gym or schedule doctor and dentist appointments, you invest in your health. When you pursue a new hobby, you invest in your personal growth. When you take a class or further your education, you invest in yourself. And when you hire someone to make your life easier and improve your surroundings, you invest in yourself.

Investing in yourself isn't's self-care. Whether you invest money or time or both, investing in yourself is critical to your long term health, happiness and fulfillment.

As for the NAPO conference? It was worth every penny and minute of schlepping. And it is already paying off, with improved Clutter Kicker services and increased professional and personal fulfillment!

How are you investing in yourself?

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