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August To-Do List for Families with Children

I know it's still summer, but we also don't want the start of school to take you by surprise.

If it feels like 100 degrees where you are, take the opportunity to get organized and set your family up for success.

With one month left until back to school, here are a few things that should be on your to-do list over the next few weeks:

CLOTHING: What summer items has your child left unworn this summer? Which ones will definitely be too small next year? Place a box, bin or bag in the closet and always be purging clothes that are too small for your kids or too [small, big, ugly, worn-out, out-of-style or just boring] for you!

SUMMER GEAR: Do all of your outdoor toys, pool paraphernalia, gardening supplies, and outdoor furniture have a home? Designate appropriate bins and buckets (and space!) to keep these items so items are easy to find and put away and so that your outdoor area can be clutter-free and relaxing. Bonus: Can you purge the items you haven't used at all this summer?

BACK TO SCHOOL: Y'all down south start early, but even in the northeast you likely have just a few weeks. Submit school and sports forms so they're received well before the due date. Schedule your child's physical with the pediatrician. Enter school vacation and early dismissal days into your calendar. Start thinking about packing for first-time college students, if you haven't already begun.

LAST MONTH OF SUMMER: Plan a day to do nothing, run around outside with your kids, treat yourself to an ice cream cone with sprinkles, and if you're local, go check out the sunset at Gulf Beach. Don't let summer pass you by...!

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