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Boost Your Happiness with Decluttering

A recent client took a work call toward the end of our time together. On it, she exclaimed to her colleagues, “Today is the best day ever!”

Why was she so happy? Probably because she just completed a session with Clutter Kicker and donated, recycled or trashed over 20 garbage bags full of her daughter’s toys and other items she no longer loved, needed or used. As a result, we transformed a cluttered mess into a less-full, uncluttered, thoughtfully organized space that made her HAPPY.

I’m not a minimalist, but I do believe that there is joy to be had from kicking your clutter out the door. Whether it’s your bedroom, your desk, or your car, the results of decluttering -- or removing the items you don’t love, use or need – will make you happier.

Why is that the case? Put simply, less clutter ➙ more space ➙ less distractions ➙ less searching ➙ more organized ➙ more in control ➙ more productive ➙ better mood ➙ happier.

There are several benefits to decluttering that can increase your happiness:

  • Keeping an organized home will reduce stress.

  • You will find yourself with more free time.

  • Removing items from your space decreases excess stimuli, so you feel less anxious and overwhelmed.

  • Uncluttered rooms are brighter and airier.

  • You will find yourself with less housework to do.

  • The results of decluttering are invigorating.

  • Less distracted by stuff means more time with people!

So how do you achieve this uncluttered paradise? Remember, there’s no wrong place to start; when in doubt throw it out; and trust me when I tell you that you won’t miss that which you declutter.

So what are you waiting for? Kick the clutter and you will immediately feel the benefits to your psychological wellbeing. Try it for a bit and let me know how it goes.

Can’t do it alone? Just like we hire personal trainers to help us get in shape, stylists to blow dry our hair, or landscapers to care for our lawn, it’s okay to need help. Hire a professional organizer for expertise, progress, support, and accountability. We love to spread the joy of decluttering!

Thank you for reading my first post! I look forward to communicating with you periodically to let you know what Clutter Kicker is up to and how you, too, can reap the benefits of decluttering your space.

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