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Doing December 2020: 31 Ways to Carpe Diem

Let’s face it – we’ve had enough of mask-wearing and video calls and cancelled vacations.

But with hope on the horizon, it’s important to stick it out, my friends! I invite you to make the most of a holiday month with nowhere to go. Regardless of how you celebrate, here’s how to maximize every day. I present: 31 things to do to make your December more productive and organized. Be safe and carpe diem!

  1. Spend five minutes just taking deep breaths. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

  2. Set a small goal, e.g. call college roommate. Schedule it in your calendar.

  3. Set a large goal, e.g. paint bathroom. Schedule a generous deadline.

  4. Make a list of those for whom you need to shop for a gift. Take the time to choose something thoughtful.

  5. Leave your phone to charge outside your room overnight. (Every night?)

  6. Find a big empty box and put it somewhere visible. Fill throughout the month and then donate it.

  7. Gather up warm coats and sweaters your family no longer wears and bring them to a local donation center.

  8. Place a pad and pen next to your bed to write down whatever crosses your mind so you can sleep soundly.

  9. Grab a plastic bag, bring it to your car, and fill it up with trash.

  10. Minimize the clutter you bring in. Filled up your online shopping cart? Wait a day before you actually buy.

  11. If you keep photos, but never take the time to enjoy them, today’s the day!

  12. Celebrate your holiday, your way.

  13. Get the family together for a game night.

  14. Take a walk around the block.

  15. Make your bed (and any others that aren’t made).

  16. Pay all your bills.

  17. Declutter your phone: Delete apps you don’t use, organize into folders.

  18. Watch a TED talk about a topic that interests you.

  19. Clean out and organize your junk drawer.

  20. Facetime your parent/child/sibling and catch up.

  21. Get your car washed.

  22. Clear your nightstand so that looking at it makes you relaxed.

  23. Drive around after dark to see your favorite houses decorated for the holidays.

  24. Support a small business.

  25. Bake something from scratch. CAYGO (Clean As You Go)

  26. Spend an hour alone without technology, and see where your thoughts take you.

  27. Donate to your favorite charity.

  28. If you open a gift to find something you really don’t enjoy, offer a gracious thank you and find it a new home.

  29. Write an actual letter, put a stamp on it, and mail it.

  30. Tell someone your New Year’s Resolution.

  31. Close your eyes, be thankful for your blessings, grieve what needs grieving, and visualize 2021 as a positive, healthy, productive year.

Whether you make it through all 31, or just find inspiration in a few, I hope you'll feel proud and productive.



Photo Credit: Samantha Hass

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