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Four Ways to Inexpensively Transform Your Space

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

I'm pretty frugal. I love a good bargain, I appreciate the value of mismatched bins as much as matching containers, and my love of the Orange Buy Nothing group is well known locally.

It's a misconception that getting organized needs to be expensive; I only shop for clients as a last resort, preferring first to use what they have on hand.

If you're looking to declutter and organize a space on the cheap, read on!

Tip #1 - Decluttering costs time, not money

Is your bookshelf exploding, your drawers stuffed to the top with socks, or your hanging items smushed too tightly? If you have the time and accountability, it's free to empty the over-crowded space that's giving you trouble. Once you've emptied the shelf/drawer/rod onto a different surface, you'll be able to see what you have with a fresh eye and make decisions more easily. Zero cost to say goodbye to anything you don't love, use or need. My NAPO colleague, Kelly Galfand, of Joy In Your Space, offers this great tip for maintenance, once you're done decluttering: "Snap an "after" photo for yourself. This image becomes your reset visual so you have proof that you finished the project and a map to get it back in shape if it gets messy again."

Tip #2 - You already own storage containers

Think shoeboxes, the plastic zippered bag your comforter set came in, and Tupperware bottoms that have lost their lids. Lots of packaging -- destined for your recycling bin or deemed trash -- can be used as drawer dividers or storage enhancers.

Tip #3 - Major transformations with minimal cost

There may be times when a little bit of spending can go a long way to transform the way your space works for you. Your local dollar store or thrift store may have inexpensive storage boxes and baskets. A set of matching hangers will immediately make your closet more enjoyable. Your local big box store will often have incredible deals on shelving units or bins.

Tip #4 - Decluttering can make you $$

If your home contains hidden treasures or unused valuables, letting go of items (for resale) can actually make you money. As a Collectibles Advisor with The Keys Guild, I can tap into my network of experts and advisors to find out what your items are worth. Sometimes I am the best option for helping you sell items, and other times I can advise you on their value and you can sell on your own. I also work with partners who will post your items for you in return for a percentage of the sale price.

Set yourself up for success without breaking the bank

High-end products and expensive tools are not the key to decluttering and organizing. Making decisions about your stuff is. You can use products you already have to test your new system and then upgrade if you need an Instagram-worthy "after."

Follow me on Facebook or Instagram where I post weekly tips and as always, reach out if I can help!

Gratitude to Professional Organizer Kelly Galfand of the Philadelphia area's Joy In Your Space for her editing prowess.

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