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If The Shoes Fit, Where Do You Store Them?

Is shoe storage a challenge for you? If so, you're not alone! I come across single shoes under beds, shoes thrown under or on top of closets, overwhelming piles by doors and tons of other arrangements.

Whether you have just a few pair or dozens, tall boots or ballet flats, have a huge closet or very limited space, shoes have been known to end up everywhere!

Below I share some options for shoe storage inspiration. And while my preference is for you to go vertical, I realize that's not always possible. So choose what works best for you!

Shoe storage options:

Hanging cubbies from closet rod: If you have ample hanging space, but little other space for shoes, these hanging closet organizers are fabulous for storing shoes vertically with easy visibility and access.

Back of closet door: Utilizing vertical space on the back of a door is a great way to get a lot of shoes in what is usually unused space. I've seen shoe racks that fit up to 36 pairs and shoe pockets that fit up to 24 pairs.

Basket or bin: This is handy for kids' shoes, when you know they aren't going to take the time to put shoes away. I've also used smaller baskets for flip flop storage. Just make sure shoes can't get lost at the bottom!

Built-in cubbies or shelves: Depending on your quantity of shelves and shoes, you can put each shoe next to its mate, behind it, or you can purchase shoe stackers so one can safely be stored on top of its counterpart.

Original boxes: I love this free, stackable option, especially for rarely worn dress shoes that can be stored up high. Bonus is if if the image of the shoe is on the box. If that's not the case, you can take a photo or label the box to denote which pair is inside.

Purchased boxes: Did you know there are shoe storage boxes you can purchase just for this purpose? They can be stacked and configured whichever way you choose, and some even have drawers that can be pulled out.

Shoe rack: The old reliable shoe rack can be as long or as tall as you would like, just make sure it's a sturdy one

The floor: If you have no other option but to keep your shoes on the floor of your closet, please make sure the space is visible and not hiding under hanging clothes. If they are on the floor by the entry way, things tend to get a little messy (in which case a designated space or boot tray will be able to help).

The ideal quantity of shoes? I tell my clients that if they have the space to give all of their shoes a home AND they are organized in some capacity -- that they can keep as many pairs of shoes as they love, use or need.

Note: Please notice that the headline to this blog post is "If the shoes fit..." This means that shoes that don't fit comfortably are ripe for purging! Donate, gift, trash, or drop in a DSW/recycling bin!

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