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Keepsake vs Clutter: 8 Questions to Help You Let Things Go

Do you have trouble letting go of certain items in your home? Do you hold onto things because you feel you must? You are not alone!

The reasons vary, but the situation is the same: I am with a decluttering client and she becomes uncomfortable, reluctant, and sometimes even emotional when we discuss parting with an item. But when you have to choose between stuff or space, and you want more space, be prepared to make some difficult choices.

Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself. Sometimes the right one might just bring about the outcome you want to achieve.

  1. Will you remember the occasion without the item? You attended the film festival in 2003 and still have the framed poster. But it’s dusty and doesn’t fit your décor. Can you acknowledge that it was a memorable experience without keeping the item?

  2. Does it spark joy? Made famous by Marie Kondo, I was doubtf