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No More Excuses: 8 Methods for Getting the Clutter OUT

Spring is in the air, and with vaccinations on the rise, there is also light at the end of the long, dark COVID tunnel. That means it’s time to declutter.

Not sure what to do with your no-longer-needed/loved/used belongings? Here are some action steps to get your started, divided into whether you want to sell (make a profit) or donate or gift (quicker, easier).


1. Donate: Doing good is the easiest thing to do with your items. Fill bags, boxes, suitcases you no longer need, whatever is easiest, and either bring to your charity of choice or arrange for pick up. If you live in the New Haven area, here is a guide to donating items like musical instruments and bicycles, hospital beds and eye glasses…and everything in between.

2. Post on Buy Nothing: If you’re on Facebook, check to see if your town has a Buy Nothing group. This is a wonderful way not just to gift items, but also to meet your neighbors.

3. Re-gift: If you can pass your items along to a friend or family member who would appreciate them, go for it. Just please don’t gift to someone unless you know they want it! And in case you’re wondering, your children don’t want your antique heirloom dining room set. Sorry.

4. Recycle: You can recycle pretty much anything. Learn more at As an aside, I find that several of my clients keep old electronic equipment due to concern over the data that may be on them. Fret no more! Bring these items to Staples for free, secure recycling. Live locally? Contact me for other options.


1. Sell online: To reach a wide audience, you can post on ebay or Poshmark or even Amazon. If you don’t want to deal with shipping logistics, I recommend Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp. There are many similar options, but these are my favorites. If you don’t want to sell on your own, I can also introduce you to others who will do it for you (note: they will take a commission).

2. Auctions for valuables: If you think you have something valuable (gold, sterling silver, collections, antiques), send me a picture, and as a Collectibles Advisor, I can let you know for sure. If we determine it does have value, I can use my network of resources and experts to get you the best deal with an auction house like TheRealReal, EBTH or LiveAuctioneers or with local auctions like Grassy Hill Auctions. If not, I will advise you on making alternate plans.

3. Hold a tag sale: Have a lot of stuff to unload? You can run a tag sale yourself or with your neighbors…or hire someone to run it for you. Locally, I recommend Gena, and have other resources as well.

4. Consign: If your items meet the criteria, consider bringing your unwanted items to a consignment store. Learn more about this process and enter your zip code for a local list here.

Please don’t let the “what do I do with it?” question stop you from kicking your clutter out the door. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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