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Organizational Goals: Three Ways to Increase Your Likelihood of Success

Happy New Year, friends!

I’ve learned a few lessons while working with my Clutter Kicker clients. Among them, don’t bite off more than you can chew (I learned that one years ago when I ambitiously applied a closet organizing timeline to a room entirely full of paper), be prepared (the Clutter Kicker toolkit has grown and grown so I can handle most any surprise I meet on the job), and today's theme: clearly lay out the client’s goals (to keep our work focused and to measure success.)

Organizing goals are so important. Since January is GO (Get Organized) Month, I want to make sure that as you set your organizing goals, you are increasing your likelihood of success as much as possible! An organizing goal should be Focused, Reasonable and Personal.

Focused: Your organizational goal should be specific enough that you can stay on track. Building in accountability can enhance your focus, minimizing the chance you will procrastinate or wander on to another activity.

Reasonable: While stretch-goals are good in some circumstances, for your organizational goals it's great to feel the reinforcing power of a win with a goal that is achievable, realistic and attainable.

Personal: Your goal should be just that -- YOUR goal. Just because everyone online seems to care about color-coded books, doesn't mean you need to do so. If the goal is personal to you, you will be more invested and committed to success!

Here are examples of each attribute of your goal to guide you, as well as a tip to make reaching your organizing goal a bit easier:

As a Professional Organizer, I am always striving to be more organized and more productive with my own projects. And I want you to be productive on your own too! That doesn’t mean every minute of every day, but it does mean that if you have an organizing goal, you make it Focused, Reasonable, and Personal so that you can feel productive as you accomplish.

Good luck goal-setting in 2021!

Image by @mohamed Hassan from @Pixabay

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