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Packing Perfection: Secrets for Stress-Free Suitcase Success

You might not be surprised to know I'm a bit obsessed with efficiency, and I love learning a new tip or two to make my next packing experience a bit easier.

Hopefully you caught this week's post about labeling the front of your family members' passports. I get a bit giddy when our passport labeling comes in handy and we're a tad less frazzled going through security.

To gather these packing tips, I asked others on my recent trip to Israel for their best advice and I put the question out on social media. And now I'm happy to share the top tips I heard with you.


Perfecting the packing list

You can find many options for packing list apps and templates, but Stephanie swears by her home-made packing list in excel. With worksheets for type of trip and columns for each family member, these can be customized and then printed so everyone knows what they need. Empower your little ones to pack by giving them a checklist (you can always review their choices).