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Taking Control of December: Guests, Tasks, Decorations, and Delegating

Tips to prepare for guests, check tasks off your list, deal with decorations, ask for help and prioritize self-care

We can get caught up in all the end of year festivities, entertaining and school activities. But December is here, and whatever holiday you celebrate -- or don’t celebrate -- this month always ends up being busy and you may feel the burden of high expectations. Prevent this month from being overwhelming by getting organized and being prepared; no need for perfection.

Here is some motivation and a few tips for preparing for these final weeks of 2021:

1. Prepare for guests: You know they’re coming. If you haven’t already, now is the time to give the guest room a deep clean and clear the bed of clutter; make space for your guests to unpack, hang any necessary hanging items, and charge their device; and leave out a few towels and other items to make your guests’ stay more pleasant.

2. Schedule it in your calendar: You may still have some shopping and cooking and errands to do. How to best ensure it all gets done? Schedule a specific time to do each activity, just as you would a meeting or appointment. For errands, gather them up to be efficient with your day around town. Add gift-buying to your errands or hop online and take care of it as soon as possible (and please choose experiences and perishables for gifts whenever possible)!

3. Pare down decorations: As you grab the bins (and bins) of decorations and holiday items this year, be ruthless in saying goodbye to items you don’t love, use or need any longer. It’s a great time to gift unwanted items on Buy Nothing or sell on Marketplace, or if they’re past their prime, perhaps they should be destined for the trash. At the end of the holidays, please pack up items in a way that makes your life easier next season.

4. Ask for help: You don't have to do it all, nor should you be expected to do so! Order in restaurant food or invite friends to come over and you can cook together; put children in charge of setting the table, filling a box of toy donations to make room for what’s coming, or stuffing holiday card envelopes; hire a cleaning service to get your home ready for guests. Don’t be afraid to delegate to make your life less overwhelming.

5. Take time for you: Take a bath, take a walk, call a friend, enjoy your book…just do something each day that is for YOU! According to Cindy Kane, Maven of Moderation, self-care is critical, especially at this time of year. She suggests, among other things, starting your day by doing something positive, going to be earlier, moving, and eating whole, nutrient-dense meals. How will you spend your YOU time?

Wishing you an organized, productive, happy and restful month.

Photo by Kornelius on Unsplash

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

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